Rowing is a celebrated sport around the world. In the Olympics, rowing is also one of the most awaited sporting events. Aside from being a great sport, it is also a good exercise activity for everyone. Not only does indoor rowing involve a lot of muscles, but it can also improve cardiovascular health and fitness.

In the world of rowing, there will always be people that most of us look up to for inspiration. With their sheer determination, skill, and perseverance, even indoor rowers like you will be inspired to make rowing a great fitness and sports activity. Let’s get to know them one by one.


Mahé Drysdale, New Zealand

Mahe Drysdale | Live2Row Studios

In rowing, Mahé Drysdale is a popular name. Whenever you flip the papers and see “rowing,” there’s a high chance you’ll see Drysdale’s name on it. Mahé is an Olympic rower born in Melbourne, Australia. However, he represents New Zealand. He is the current Olympic champion and even a five-time world champion in single sculls.

Drysdale is the embodiment of skill and strength for most rowers. He exhibits excellent strength and durability in rowing. In 2002, Drysdale started competing in the World cup. Then in 2004, he joined the Olympic scene. Drysdale got his first win in the 2005 World Championships in the single scull category. Drysdale’s success in 2005 was historic since he had an accident in early 2005 where he broke his two vertebrae in a crash with another water skier.

Today, Drysdale is a two-time Olympic champion, five-time World champion, and a three-time World silver medalist.


Hamish Bond, New Zealand

Hamish Bond via Facebook | Live2Row Studios

Hamish Bond is born in Dunedin, New Zealand. He represented his home country in many tournaments where he brought home the trophy. He has won six consecutive gold medals in the World Rowing Championship in the coxless pair category. Bond and another famous rower, Eric Murray, became a crowd favorite when they combined in the coxless pair category.

Bond and Murray then won in the 2009 World Rowing Championship. They were hailed as the perfect pair, and they received the “team of the year award” at the 2009 Halberg Sports Awards in New Zealand. The tandem continued until the 2016 Rio de Janeiro Olympic Games and prolonged their win-streak in the coxless pair category.

Today, Bond retired from rowing and shifted to cycling. However, even during his rowing days, Bond has always been a cyclist.


Eric Murray, New Zealand

Eric Murray via Wikipedia | Live2Row Studios

Eric Murray won his first championship medal in the 2007 World Rowing Championship. He became associated with Hamish Bond during the 2009 World Rowing Championship. Murray continued to be part of the coxless pair until they secured a win-streak in several championship games. Now, Murray is also a retired rower like Bond.

In 2006, he married Jackie Robertson, the former Olympic gold medalist’s daughter Gary Robertson.


Kim Brennan, Australia.

Kim Brennan via Wikipedia | Live2Row Studios

Before being a professional rower, Kimberley “Kim” Jean Brennan was a 400m hurdler. She won the silver medal in the 2001 World Youth Championships in Athletics. What prompted her to change paths is a leg injury that ended her career in hurdling. She started as a rower for Melbourne University Boat Club.

Brennan then took part in the women’s coxless pair B-final at the 2008 Beijing Olympics. In the 2013 World Rowing Championships, Brennan took the gold medal in the single scull. In November 2018, Brennan announced her retirement. However, she expressed her interest to rejoin the rowing scene.


Eleanor Logan, United States

Eleanor Logan via Twitter | Live2Row Studios

Eleanor Logan is the first American rower to get three consecutive gold medals in the Olympics, be a three-time Olympic champion, and three-time world champion. During her time at Stanford University, Logan received her first gold medal at the 2008 Summer Olympics.

In 2013, Logan ventured into sculling and won in the US Rowing National Selection Regatta. She then represented the U.S. in the World Championships that year. Logan now lives in Seattle with her better half and sculling coach Carlos Dinares.


These athletes have transcended the game and taken rowing to whole new heights. Inspired by their stories? Become a rower yourself today. Learn more about the benefits of rowing machine exercise by simply signing up with us here at Live2Row Studios. Contact us now.