You may have asked this question a few times. Still, you find it challenging to answer since determining which types of athletes are the fittest often relies on several criteria, and the definition of fitness is subjective.

In gauging overall fitness for this article, we’ll consider cardiovascular fitness, muscular strength, and endurance. Some athletes tick all the boxes of the given criteria, and we’ve compiled a list for you.


Boxers and Mixed Martial Artists

Boxers and Mixed Martial Artists | Live2Row Studios

Boxers have extremely high fitness levels. They undoubtedly have muscular strength and muscular endurance since they need to throw powerful punches. They also have good cardiovascular fitness, thanks to their training routines. Boxers need to maintain a high level of fitness because the sport is quite demanding.

Mixed martial arts is also an extreme sport that demands several fighting techniques and the three criteria cited above. Throwing punches, kicks, joint-locks, and chokes require muscular strength, endurance, and cardiovascular fitness while matching their opponent’s speed and power.


American Football Players

American Football Players | Live2Row Studios

Football players are some of the fittest athletes around. Most athletes tend to focus on only one or two criteria. Football players, on the other hand, strengthen many aspects and train hard to become robust. Football players usually train at a high intensity to develop endurance, speed, coordination, quickness, and strength.


Hockey Players

Athletes are the fittest | Live2Row Studios

Hockey players need to be agile, fast, and flexible. They also have the strength and power, which makes them overall fit athletes today. The physical demands of hockey require muscle strength, cardiovascular health, and endurance as they sprint, defend, change direction, and shoot with a hockey stick.


Basketball Players

Basketball Players | Live2Row Studios

Watching basketball players run up and down the court is enough evidence that they have some of the highest endurance and cardiovascular fitness levels. They also undergo extensive training to build muscle strength and power. Most experts consider basketball players as athletes that have good overall fitness.



Decathlete | Live2Row Studios

Decathletes are among the fittest athletes around today. They can run hundreds or thousands of meters in a short amount of time. They compete in ten track-and-field events like shot put, discus, javelin, and long jump, to name a few. These events call for balance, agility, and power.


Tennis Players

Tennis player | Live2Row Studios

The athletes who dominate the sport have high fitness levels. Muscle strength is needed to produce powerful strokes and serves, cardiovascular fitness for speed in going after the ball in the court, and endurance to finish the game.


Lacrosse Players

Lacrosse Players | Live2Row Studios

To become a successful lacrosse player, you should pass the three given criteria and a few others. Muscle strength must be developed by the players, especially in the upper body, to take on all the pounding they’ll get in the game. It requires a lot of running, so players need cardiovascular fitness and muscle endurance to last in the game.


Cross-Country Skiers

Cross country skier | Live2Row Studios

Cross-country skiers are the role model for good cardiovascular health since they have the highest VO2 max, which is the maximum amount of oxygen your body can use during exercise. They are also known for their endurance and muscle strength, especially in their lower body.



Rower | Live2Row Studios

A rower’s performance depends on their physical fitness. They need to undergo intense training to develop muscle endurance and strength to keep going and exerting force throughout the race. They must also have good cardiovascular health and low body fat level, and they tend to maximize all areas of fitness.

Rowing is one of those activities that works out almost every part of our body. Even though it is often considered a low-impact exercise, rowing can get pretty intense and require optimal fitness levels. For this reason, professional rowers are extremely fit with well-toned muscles and physiques.


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While some people may use different criteria to judge if an athlete from a particular sport is one of the fittest out there today, the athletes on this list are almost always on the list of experts and sports enthusiasts alike. The intense and rigorous training they undergo to be the best at what they do is enough to earn merit. These athletes are without a doubt the embodiment of the human body in its prime.