Live2Row Training Camps

Join our team of Rowers and Coaches

 Helping you realize your full potential one stroke at a time.

The expert coaches at Live2Row have programmed seven weeks of training with a specific focus and goal in mind each and every week in order to help YOU get faster and achieve your goals. We have programmed five workouts each week and three of these will be hosted Live every week in order to help motivate and coach you towards these goals.

Rowing is for Every Body and everyone deserves a coach. Let us be yours. The workouts can be done individually or with other camp rowers at your leisure or with the scheduled Live workouts. All workouts will be programmed and accessed exclusively on the ErgZone  application on an Apple or Android device.


 Upcoming Camp 

Winter Training

Camp Start Date: November 12, 2022

Duration: 7 weeks

Cost: $250 per Rower


Train with:

a COMMUNITY of like minded ROWERS

the SUPPORT of experienced rowing COACHES

a PLAN proven to help achieve YOUR GOALS


Get access to:

The Live2Row Training Camp Track in ErgZone with exclusive workouts and leaderboards

Live2Row’s 34 weekly LIVE coached classes

Discounted private 1 on 1 or group coaching sessions

Exclusive Live2Row JL Racing Team Store


Rowing is for Every Body

Next Training Camps

Spring Training

2k Racing Focus

Start Date: January 7, 2023

Duration: 7 Weeks



Email for specific questions

**Must have access to an erg for all sessions

Welcome to the Team!