COVID-19 took away the privilege of going to gyms and fitness centers for our healthy dose of fitness activities. Even with a vaccine already in circulation, physical distancing remains the order of the day across many countries. After all, the virus is not defeated until the population reaches herd immunity.


While it’s in your best interest to maintain your physique, all of your efforts will go to waste if you become exposed to the virus along the process.


Since gyms and fitness centers are high-risk areas for unsuspected COVID-19 viral carriers, virtual classes are now emerging to cater to people’s fitness needs. Since the lockdown added more pounds due to your late-night snacks, it’s time to warm that body up by signing up for these five popular virtual fitness classes.


Yoga virtual fitness classes | Live2Row Studio

The pandemic brought a lot of uncertainty in terms of financial stability, long-term planning, and employment. All these problems must’ve taken an emotional toll. Hence, get back on track as soon as possible global vaccination is on its way. The best way to be fit physically and psychologically is by attending virtual yoga classes.


The outside world may be a mess right now, but with virtual yoga classes, all you need to do is find a quiet and peaceful room to do yoga. Connect your laptop to a speaker and lock your doors. Follow the instructor and think as if you’re attending physical classes.



Indoor Rowing Virtual Fitness Class | Live2Row Studios

Rowing is becoming a popular fitness activity for people who want a whole-body fitness experience. However, attending virtual rowing classes means that you need to have an indoor rower with you. So you’ll put up some initial investment on this one.


But here’s the thing —  that investment will surely pay off. After all, rowing is a fitness activity that involves a lot of muscles. Plus, it is easy on your joints, allowing you to join a class at any time of the day.


Perhaps, you’ve been staying home and lying down the whole time. All of your muscles have gotten used to resting — rowing is the best exercise to activate them all at once. Whether you want to lose some weight or build stronger muscles, rowing is your best choice because of the many benefits of rowing machine exercise. 


Virtual Fitness Class | Live2Row Studios

Dance is both a physical and expressive activity. You could think of Zumba as the opposite of yoga. If yoga is too quiet or silent for you to relax, perhaps Zumba is your jam. Moving with the groove can be a good stress reliever and exercise. By far, Zumba is the least demanding online fitness class today.


All you need is yourself, a laptop, a pair of speakers, and a wide dance area. There’s no special equipment or apparatus. Just you. Hence, Zumba is the best choice if you want an exhilarating and fun fitness experience.


HIIT Virtual Fitness Classes | Live2Row Studios

HIIT stands for high-intensity interval training. Like Zumba, it’s exhilarating, but it’s not pure fun. When you do HIIT, you push your limits. That’s why it’s called “high intensity.” In HIIT, normal jumping jacks will be a lot faster and more exaggerated. However, you’ll do it only at shorter intervals. HIIT is like doing a 60-second circuit in just 30 seconds.



spin indoor cycling class | Live2Row Studios

Spin is simply indoor cycling. However, it’s also an excellent online fitness class. With your classmates on Zoom, you can do indoor cycling while jiving with upbeat music. It’s a good way to burn calories and slowly lose weight. Hence, it’s the best substitute for indoor rowing. If ever you get bored of rowing, spinning can be a good alternative. Then, go back to rowing if you’re feeling it.

Indoor Rowing Near You

Of all the fitness classes above, rowing might be the most difficult. That’s why it’s important to have a coach to guide you every step of the way. Enroll at Live2Row Studios now and get your daily dose of rowing. Visit us at 2783 Old Winter Garden Rd. Ocoee, FL 34761 or call (407) 970-1855 to book a class now.


We offer both studio rowing classes and virtual sessions so that you never miss your fitness training even if you can’t make it to the studio.