Indoor rowing has become increasingly popular for people looking for effective ways to stay fit at home. If you’ve just discovered indoor rowing or are planning to sign up for classes, having rowing accessories can help you customize your workouts and help you reach your goals more efficiently.

Here are our top picks for must-have rowing accessories:

Smartphone Cradle

Smartphone Cradle | Live2Row Studios

We heavily rely on smartphones these days. So it’s no surprise that having a smartphone cradle to secure your phone while working out is a must. Buy a cradle that glides smoothly over your rowing machine’s handles and stays securely in place.

This way, you can easily watch your favorite shows while working out. Smartphones come in different sizes, so be sure to get one that can securely grip your mobile device.

Floor Mat

Concept2 Floormat | Live2Row Studios

Getting a floor mat for indoor rowing will protect your floor from the rowing equipment’s legs. It will also keep your rowing machine in place regardless of your workout’s intensity.  An ideal floor mat would be at least 4.5 mm thick and made of synthetic rubber.

Indoor Rower Covers

Indoor Rower Covers | Live2Row Studios

Cover your rowing machine when unused to protect it from dust and dirt. Indoor rower covers can help you keep your rowing machine looking shiny and new. Look for sheets that are polyester/vinyl laminate to protect your equipment from accidental water spills. It would also be more convenient if there are velcro tabs at the bottom so you can secure the cover in place.

Seat Pad

Concept2 Seat Pad | Live2Row Studios

A good rowing workout ensures that your lower back, glutes, and thigh muscles are pushed to their limits. Get a seat pad to cushion your behind to minimize the numbing sensation after a challenging rowing session. Many seat pads are available in the market but go for one with a self-adhesive backing for easy installation and removal.

Heart Rate Equipment

Concept2 Heart Rate Equipment | Live2Row Studios

Heart rate equipment helps you gauge your workout’s intensity objectively. Monitoring your heart rate during an exercise will let you know if you’re overtraining or undertraining. You’ll also know which heart-rate zone you are in to tweak your workouts accordingly.  As much as possible, opt for chest straps with Bluetooth connectivity for better comfort.

Android Connection Kit

Concept2 Android Connection Kit | Live2Row Studios

Connecting your Android device to your rowing machine’s performance monitor just got a lot easier. You can purchase these Android connection kits that usually come with a phone cradle and a USB connector cable. This kit is perfect for individuals who prefer a wired connection over a wireless connection since wireless connections can sometimes be inconsistent and unstable. Before buying, however, you have to verify the kit’s USB compatibility with your phone.


Concept2 Slide | Live2Row Studios

Purchasing slides can make your indoor rowing experience feel like the real thing. These slides will make you feel like you’re rowing on the water as the indoor rower moves back and forth beneath you. With that, you get a higher stroke rate because you’re moving the indoor rower’s mass instead of your own.

Proper Clothing

Proper Clothing for rowing | Live2Row Studios

Need motivation to start your rowing workout? Almost everyone has experienced feeling lazy and not wanting to workout–we’ve all been there. Rowing shorts and T-shirts can psych you and get you in the mood for a good rowing exercise. Indoor rowing while wearing rowing T-shirts and shorts with slides on will give you the feeling of rowing out in the water like a pro.

Dynamic Link and LogCard

Concept2 Dynamic Link | Live2Row Studios

Concept2 is one of the leading manufacturers of rowing machines today. Their rowing machines are sturdy and trusted by most professionals. That’s why most of the indoor rowing equipment you’ll see are RowErg models.

If you happen to have one, particularly the Dynamic RowErg, you can purchase Dynamic Links to connect two or more machines and have a group rowing workout. You can also store your workout data in a portable credit-card-sized LogCard for easy and long-term data storage.

Live2Row Studios Can Help You Choose the Right Rowing Accessories

Almost everyone knows that you can get several benefits from indoor rowing because it serves as a whole body workout. Whether you are a rowing newbie or a veteran, the above-mentioned rowing accessories will positively contribute to your indoor rowing experience.

At Live2Row Studios, we can help you select the right rowing accessories based on your current fitness goals. Call us today at (407) 970-1855 to get started or reach us via email at We would love to hear from you.