You must’ve heard of indoor rowing as the ultimate weight loss exercise routine. Don’t deny it anymore. This pandemic and the lockdowns have caused you to eat those extra carbs. Perhaps, the closure of gyms during lockdowns halted your daily gym grind. Now, indoor rowing is an emerging exercise activity that’s on par with regular gym exercise routines.

Aside from being a good weight loss activity, rowing involves a lot of muscles in the body. Hence, constant rowing can aid in muscle development and growth. Unfortunately, you don’t know where to start. Understandably, rowing is not as easy as skipping ropes. It requires an indoor rower, proper body formation, and special techniques.

Well, that’s why this article is here. Here are five essential things to help you choose the best indoor rowing exercise studio.


Health Safety Protocols

Now that government restrictions have loosened up, people can now go back to gyms and fitness centers to resume their fitness activities. However, you must not forget that the threat of COVID-19 still lurks around even with the presence of vaccines. In looking for an indoor rowing studio, you must ensure that the studio employs health safety protocols like sanitation and proper distancing.

Considering that rowing studios have rowing equipment with them, you must ask the frequency of sanitation for equipment. Moreover, are rowers six feet apart during class hours? Hence, checking the studio ensures that rowing equipment is far from each other to protect you from respiratory droplets from other students.


Virtual Rowing Class Option

Given that COVID-19 has not yet been conquered, there’s still this fear and risk of catching the virus. That’s why you need to ask if the studio offers a Zoom class feature instead of attending physical classes. If you are particular about your safety from the virus while thinking about your overall health, a virtual rowing class is an excellent feature to consider in a studio.

However, ensure that you have rowing equipment first because it’ll be virtually impossible for the studio to lend you one of their equipment. Nonetheless, virtual classes might be cheaper than physical ones since you don’t use the studio premises.


Professional rowing coach | Live2Row Studios

Professional and Skilled Coaches

Rowing is not something you can do by watching other indoor rowers. It’s a systematic exercise routine that requires you to have the proper form and posture. Professional coaches can guide you in executing the correct formation, strokes, and techniques. If this is your first time in indoor rowing, going to in-studio classes is the best recommendation.

Why would that be? It’s because proper execution of strokes will yield the best results that indoor rowing can provide. Moreover, improper execution may lead to muscle pain, aches, and prolonged delayed onset muscle soreness.


Class Program

A great indoor rowing studio must offer different class programs for different needs. Not all rowing exercises are for everyone. Mainly, a rowing studio must offer exercise routines, especially for cardio, weight loss, muscle building, and muscle recovery. These different programs have different goals, and you should base your rowing program on what you want to achieve.

For improved cardiovascular capacity, cardio rowing is perfect. However, people who need to lose weight must go with weight loss rowing, where they’ll be exposed to different rowing intensities to increase calorie burning. Physically fit individuals who wish to maintain their physique can take muscle-building rowing to improve their strength and core.


Personal Improvement Coaching

Aside from technical assistance, the studio should also have personal coaching to aid student rowers in continuous improvement. Personal coaching can involve weight tracking, health advice, and dieting techniques. Basically, it involves health-related concerns other than rowing.


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